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Let the experts take charge of your company’s IT agenda! You will become one of the companies that no longer have to manage their IT solutions and thus save costs.

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Intellope provides services ranging from IT structure, implementation to its periodic maintenance for fault-free IT and computer network operations for both small and large enterprises.

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Every company working with sensitive information provided by its clients, business partners or employees needs a secure operation of its computer network. Intellope guarantees extensive expertise, fault-free operation of your IT systems, and the best practices regardless of your field, whether it’s the hospitality industry, education, medicine, or any other sector.

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Sarah Vajdova

The two-faced internet world and seniors

The online world is a lovely place where seniors can spend their time doing things like watching funny cat videos, playing online Scrabble with a friend, or looking at photos of their grandchild’s first day at school. From time to time, it can be a dangerous place, too.

Sarah Vajdova

Cheat sheet for boosting your digital signage content

Digital Signage Displays are incredible tools that have been attracting immense focus in the marketing world to skyrocket user engagement and communication. Keeping that in mind we are sharing the best ideas that will give your business an edge over your competitors.